Fiber Optic Lighting Products

Fiber Creations offers a multitude of stunning fiber optic lighting solutions and  products. We offer things such as accent lighting for pools and spas, landscape design and hard to reach areas. Star ceilings offer a gorgeous way to make your home or business create a unique impression. Star Floor Kits are also a striking selection to add to your pool or spa. Fiber Creations also offers laminar jets, sheer descents, rainfalls, waterfalls and many more options to give your pool or spa a look of irresistible perfection.  If you can dream it, Fiber Creations can build it.

Fiber Optic Lighting in a pool

Fiber Optic Lighting Design

When you contact Fiber Creations we offer custom assistance with your fiber optic lighting project. We would like to talk to you to find out what is needed to bring your vision to life, so we offer a free consultation service to make sure you are getting exactly the products you need to bring fiber optic lighting to your creation. You can order all the supplies you need directly through our company, so there is no need to go searching for each component. As a national distributor we offer several manufactures lines including UFO, Dicon, SRSmith, Impact and Fiberlamp.

Fiber Creations is a Full Service
Fiber Optic Lighting Design & Supply Shop

As a national fiber optic distributor we carry several different manufacturers’ lines to help you have the variety you deserve to choose from. We carry Fiberstars, Nexxus lighting, Super Vision, Visual Lighting, Energy Focus and LED Accent Color Changing Lines. We are a full service Fiber Optic Company, providing complimentary consultations, high quality merchandise and technical support for all of our valued clients. If you live in the Phoenix, Tucson, or Flagstaff area we can provide installation. We even offer training!


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Fiber Optic Lighting Design

Exploration of the creative opportunities for design lighting quickly reveals its infinite potential when using fiber optic and LED technology. Flexible cabling allows for unique building signage and dynamic architectural accentuation. Easy system installation provides the opportunity to create visual interest at any surface, from floor to ceiling, within the space. Since, because fiber optic lighting transfers no heat or UV radiation, sensitive objects can be displayed without the worry of deterioration. Fiber optic cable can be used above or below ground and is an excellent choice for use in or around water or anywhere heat or electricity is a concern. there is no safety concern because there is no electricity in the fiber optic cable. Various size cables are available for various applications.