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While Fiber Creations has built its reputation on our 63 years of experience in the pool lighting industry, we also have the drive to provide fiber optic lighting products for numerous applications. There really is no limit to what out design associates can do. We’ve provided designs and products to lighting designers, architects, interior designers, artists, homeowners and many other customers seeking high-quality LED lighting. Our design associates are ready to talk to you about any lighting need you may have.

Fiber Creations strives to be the top name in fiber optic pool lighting. For the past 63 years, we’ve been an industry leader providing high-quality products for commercial and residential pool lighting. We’ve proven ourselves with an extensive reputation of excellence and have gained recognition as an industry leader locally and on in the nation market.


From high-energy party to quiet conference at the flick of a switch… versatile fiber optics let you choose the perfect mood for day or night.

Every day you are asked to embrace change; to adapt and evolve with growing demands on your time and talent. We are, frankly, blown away by you — the makers, the dreamers, and the every-day grind-it-out doers. So we wanted to empower you with jewelry inspired by the way you dynamically respond to all the changes in your life.

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Over the past 20 years, Fiber Creations has taken on a multitude of residential and commercial fiber optics lighting projects. There’s no limit to our experience with any type of fiber optic lighting scenarios.

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