Fiber Creations announced the availability of the FL-5600 Illuminator. The FL-5600 is the heart of the PoolStars Twinkle Star Lighting Kit, an enhanced system of fiber optic strands and a powerful, programmable LED illuminator.

Star Floor Pool

Why choose the FL-5600 Illuminator?

Rhonda Sheerin, owner of Fiber Creations, spoke about the innovative lighting kit. “For any pool design, adding the PoolStars Twinkle Star Kit is the ideal way to convey charm and sophistication. This innovative system goes beyond basic color changing. Twinkle Stars are exactly what they sound like: twinkly! We use the highest quality fiber optic cables – they won’t fade – and an amazing LED illuminator. Our clients who have the kit installed simply love it.”

FL-5600 Illuminator

When can I get one?

The PoolStars Twinkle Star Kit is ready for installation in new pool builds and pools undergoing renovation. The FL-5600 is a 120-watt LED illuminator, has adjustable dimmer and speed control, and holds 1,000 strands of fiber. The fully programmable kit provides beautiful ambient light, shimmering glow, gentle twinkles, and other patterns, colors, and effects.

For more information on Fiber Creations, fiber optic lighting solutions, or PoolStars Twinkle Star Kit capabilities, please contact Rhonda Sheerin at 602.273.7552 or