Fiber Creations announced its recommendation to add a DMX controller to fiber optic lighting displays. The enhanced systems are highly flexible, programmable, and deliver increased effects features.

What difference does this make?

“This fundamentally changes everything for fiber optic lighting potential,” says Rhonda, owner of Fiber Creations. “Adding a DMX controller to our fiber optic system design creates an intelligent lighting system with superior control. Now our clients can control color, intensity, and ambient effects while synching music. There’s almost no limit to the design possibilities.”

What exactly is a DMX?

Compact DMX Metal Halide Light Source

A DMX (Digital Multiplex) network allows a designer to manipulate and synch multiple channels of light and sound. Fiber Creations specializes in fiber optic designs that create dramatic ambient displays. Combining vivid colors and patterns with music will enhance the elegance of any party, social event, or performance.

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