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What is
Fiber Optic Lighting?

Fiber optic lighting uses fiber optic cables as a “light tube,” transmitting light from an illuminator through the fiber cables to shine the light and show the color you choose.

Application for Fiber Optic Lighting

• Star Floors in swimming pools
• Paver Lighting
• Perimeter Fiber
• Accent Lighting for Pools
• Accent Lighting for Spas
• Landscape Lighting
• Star Ceiling Custom Kits
• Cove Lighting
• Step Lighting

What We Do

Fiber Creations is an industry leader in fiber optic lighting solutions. We offer high-quality products that bring life to pools and spas, highlight landscaping features, and illuminate hard-to-reach areas. Our Fiber Star kits are a perfect solution for your home or business. The Fiber Optic Stars Sparkle and dance on any surface, your Pool Floor, any Patio with Pavers, it’s perfect for a Home Theather. It can be applied to the Walls, Ceilings, and Floors. These unique lighting kits will make a smashing first impression to visitors and clients. 

Not only does Fiber Creations offer the products you need to provide illumination for any situation, we also offer fiber optic lighting design to help you personalize any lighting project. Whether you’re looking for lighting solutions for a home or commercial setting, Fiber Creations can help you design a plan that is tailored to your situation. We offer free consultation services to ensure that you’re getting the right products to match your personal lighting dreams. If you can imagine it, we’ll do our best to make it a reality.


Fiber Creations is bringing lighting to a new level

Fiber lighting equipment to residential and commercial customers. We believe in helping every customer replace outdated pool lights. Fiber optic lights use much less electricity; they don’t overheat like older products. This means that you’ll save money on your utility bills and greatly reduce the risk of fire caused by shorts and overheating.

Award – Winning

Sparkling design,
Dream Pools Come True

Pool Stars Star Floor

Pool Stars brings a welcoming, sophisticated atmosphere to your pool areas by providing an unobtrusive lighting solution without the high utility costs and difficulty of service of standard lighting. Pool Stars can also provide a versatile application for landscape lighting, outdoor gazebos and other areas that require an elegant lighting solution. Don’t be fooled by the cheap construction of Pool Stars knockoffs available at big box stores and major online retailers. As a family owned business, Fiber Creations believes in making sure the right high-quality lighting products make their way into the hands of each customer.

Our Products

Our catalog of fiber optic parts and accessories is very extensive. Whether you are looking for a commercial installation or just to accent your home with beautiful fiber optic lighting we have a solution for you.



Design Services


Residential Lighting Services

Creating spaces that enhance the human experience.

  • Sit down with our design team and evaluate your lighting ideas.

  • Work with our design team to implement your personalized lighting design.

  • Evaluate our design team’s lighting plan to ensure it matches your vision.

  • Implement and install your lighting plan using our high-quality products.

Commercial Lighting Services

Our top design team has gained local and national recognition for helping commercial and residential customers achieve the lighting scheme they’re looking for. When you consult with our team, we’re not simply going to provide cookie-cutter solutions.

Lighting Makes The Space Have A Soul

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