The Hippodrome Casino

Products Used

Ground Floor Bar: 2 x 150W metal halide illuminators with color, twinkle and dimming, feed a 240 tail harness of 2mm PMMA fiber and a 220 tails harness of 1.5mm PMMA fiber.

First Floor Bar: 4 x 150W metal halide illuminators with color, twinkle and dimming, feed 4 x 155 tail harnesses of 2mm PMMA fiber.

Both floors: CR1 crystal fittings – 1080 in total.

Images courtesy of Area Sq, PokerStars and The Hippodrome Casino

The Hilton Hotel, Staten Island

Products used

Illuminators: 13 x 150W QFX metal halide

Harnesses: 5200 strands of end lit fiber

End Fittings: 3100 x 60mm glass balls / 2100 x 100mm & 150mm glass balls

The Golden Bee

Products used

Illuminators: 4 x Compact DMX

Harnesses: 656 tails of PMMA fiber with a 1.5mm active diameter

End Fittings: 656 sparkle flush lenses & 656 acrylic shot glasses

The Harley-Davidson Museum

Products used

Illuminators: 8 x Ixion 100W tungsten halogen

End Fittings: Custom CX4 gantry systems fitted with UFO 34DB fittings

EMP Museum

Products used

Illuminators: 14 x Mercury Slimline LED

Harnesses: 9 x end lit glass fiber harnesses with active diameter of 4.5mm

End Fittings: 60 x UFO rod and clamp systems at various lengths. Secured at both ends and fitted with UFO 25D lenses

The RMS Queen Mary 2

Products used

Illuminators: 150W metal halide, installed in the engine room behind the sign

Harnesses: 5000+ tails with custom ferrules

Madame Tussauds Star Wars Exhibition

Products used

Illuminators: 2 x Luna Decorative LED illuminators, 8 x Sirius Decorative LED illuminators all featuring twinkling effects with DMX control

Harnesses: 4 x 400 tail harnesses of 2.2mm cracked glass sideglow fiber at 7m (23ft) length

End Fittings: 2 x star curtains with 12 – 14 points of mixed diameter fiber per square meter

Images courtesy of David Hurst | Full On Lighting Design