Indoor LED Lighting

LED lighting can be a beautiful way to add something special to your home or business. LED lights are low energy and last a very long time. Fiber Creations has the perfect choices for many entertainment and special effects applications.

Interior LED Lighting

Accent lighting can be a fun and interesting way to draw attention to features of your home or business. Light up your hallways or ceiling! LED lights can be placed virtually anywhere! If you can dream it, Fiber Creations can build it.

Outdoor LED Lighting

LED landscape lighting will bring your pool or spa to life. Imagine LED pool lights shining like stars from the pool floor. Line your pathways with LED lights for an awe-inspiring nighttime effect. Check out our Gallery page for beautiful examples of LED pool lighting.

Exterior LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great way to make your home or building really pop. LED luminaires provide an awesome glow that can illuminate any special architecture you might have on your exterior. If you have an idea for custom LED lighting, ask us about it! We provide many custom solutions for our clients and we can do it for you too!