Create A Soothing Environment With a Touch of Your Finger

Fiber optics  can give your ideal space the perfect relaxing lighting, without taking up a great deal of space. With the right illuminator box and colors you can choose whether you want your scenery to reflect a soothing light, or generate the excitement of an opening night premiere. You are able to change your home’s  or businesses mood with just a touch of your fingers. Fiber optic lighting is very easy to care for, so you can light those hard to reach areas and never have to think about it again. With Fiber optic lighting there is absolutely no heat generated, you can light up even the most delicate piece of artwork without harming it. Allow Fiber Creations to enhance your landscapes natural beauty, make your home or business have that extra something memorable with beautiful interior lighting, or even be able to see the stars inside  with one of our breathtaking star ceilings.

Custom Design Creations

Fiber Creations combines fantastic products with world class customer service, making us one of the top suppliers of fiber optics in the country. We offer a unique experience for the guests we help including fantastic customer service, competitive pricing and on hand stock and assistance. We are one of the only companies in our field that offers custom fiber optics design, which means when you order your products through us; we make sure everything is exactly suited to your specifications. We have the facilities and the stock to cut your cable to exactly the size you need and we also set up lens fittings ourselves. We are able to build custom turnkey packages with high quality merchandise for a fraction of the price.

Fiber Creations Caters to Everyone

We offer a variety of fiber optics solutions for anyone from a business wanting to renovate their design to attract distinguished clientele, to an interior designer looking for exactly the right lighting accent, to a homeowner wanting to make their pool the talk of the neighborhood!  We offer custom kits so you can take on any project, no matter how large or small. No matter what your project, Fiber Creations wants to be the company that will help you turn your dream into a reality.