Multi-Color Remote Control Pool Automation with OEM Cloning & Optional Wi-Fi for Pools & Spas


Nicheless LED Pool light with Color Touch Technology for Concrete, Fiberglass and Vinyl liner pools

The Pool Touch Multi-Color Remote Control Pool Automation system revolutionizes pool and spa management with its advanced features and user-friendly design. This system offers seamless control over various pool functions, including lighting, heating, and filtration, all from a convenient remote control. With OEM cloning capabilities, it ensures compatibility with existing equipment, making upgrades smooth and hassle-free. The optional Wi-Fi integration allows for remote access and control via smartphones or tablets, providing ultimate convenience and flexibility. Whether adjusting multi-color lighting to suit the mood or optimizing energy efficiency, the Pool Touch system delivers a comprehensive solution for modern pool and spa automation.

Color Control

Control color, speed, brightness and modes

Wireless Touch

Wi-Fi Tablets and smartphones

Memory Recall

Remembers last color, speed and brightness

Auto Sync

Automatic sync of your PAL lights every time


Standard Features

Optional Features

Using PAL Multi-Color Wi-Fi Transformer only



Lighting Control

  • Color Touch technology with OEM cloning via Pentair, Hayward & Jandy Automation systems
  • Control via Remote Handset or APP through smart devices**
  • Color wheel control for instant and dynamic touch control
  • Brightness control on PAL mode only

42-PCR-5CU PAL 5
Channel Pool Automation including 60W Multi Color Lighting Control

Channel Pool Automation including 60W Multi Color Lighting Control & Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Accessory**

Connect transformer to your wifi network for control anywhere in the world*

*optional extra

Power Rating

  • Pool Touch 5 available in 60W / 12V rating.
  • 1.5HP / 120V AC (16A) per zone
  • 3HP / 240V AC (21A) per zone
  • 60W / 12V DC
  • 4 x AC + 1 x DC