Pool Stars Star Floor


Capture the beauty of the universe in a pool with a fiber optic Star Floor.

This innovative water feature lighting system can easily be added to any pool, waterfall, or spa, elevating the charm and sophistication of any design. We have the manufacturers’ specs available for design and construction considerations.

Why Design With Fiber Optic Lighting?

Conventional lighting tends to underwhelm pool owners and rarely showcases a pool’s best features, whereas a twinkling fiber optic star floor becomes a dazzling feature in itself. A conventional lighting system is expensive to power and difficult to access and maintain.

These new and unique color-changing lighting systems use fiber optic cables to conduct light produced and controlled remotely. Countless patterns, colors, and effects, including twinkling, can easily be created with this versatile technology as the cable ends lie flush with the surface in which they are embedded and the lighting is programmed through an accessible controller.


Elevated Style

Fiber optic stars draw the observer closer with a shimmering glow. This twinkling effect brings a sense of awe and wonder to any midnight swim.

Cohesive Design

Pool owners hope to create a backyard retreat. With a star floor feature as part of the design, an ordinary pool becomes a focal point and quickly transforms a yard into a beckoning oasis. The combination of strategic landscaping and enhanced pool design brings maximum value and curb appeal.

Fiber optic lighting is the unique feature pool owners long for, bringing charm and style to their investment. Contact us to find out how a Pool Stars star floor can enhance your design today.

There is Nothing Like the PoolStars Twinkle Star Kits!


  • 120 watt LED illuminator
  • RGBW 3000k or 4200k
  • Adjustable dimmer and speed control
  • 120v – 277v
  • Holds 1,000 strands fiber

To Calculate how many stars you will need, take the surface area and divide by 2 for approximate number of stars.
For Example: 500 square feet/2 = 250 Stars

50 FCPS-50-LED
100 FCPS-100-LED
150 FCPS-150-LED
200 FCPS-200-LED
250 FCPS-250-LED
300 FCPS-300-LED
350 FCPS-350-LED
400 FCPS-400-LED
450 FCPS-450-LED
500 FCPS-500-LED
550 FCPS-550-LED
600 FCPS-600-LED
650 FCPS-650-LED
700 FCPS-700-LED
750 FCPS-750-LED
800 FCPS-800-LED
850 FCPS-850-LED
900 FCPS-900-LED
950 FCPS-950-LED
1000 FCPS-1000-LED

Kit includes PVC design layout and over the phone and email technical support. Onsite consulting or turnkey installation also available at an additional cost.

Kit Includes: 

  • FL-5600 Illuminator(s)
  • 90 feet fiber cable runs
  • Star termination kit
  • Instructions

Optional Equipment:

  • Twinkle wheel with speed control and manual adjustable dimmer 0-10v or DMX

Custom Sizes Available. Call for Details!

Color Changing Rod Kit Available

1,000 .75mm strands – white, RGBW or RGB Amber (Turtle Lighting).

What is turtle lighting?

In Florida, the bright lights of urbanization often overpower the moonlight that normally guides newly hatched turtles to sea, and the results can be tragic. Lured by artificial lights, tiny hatchlings along the coastline head for hotels, condos, and highways, instead of the ocean. Confused and disoriented, they are crushed by cars or wander in circles, causing them to die from dehydration or eaten by predators. (Amber Light) otherwise known as Turtle Lighting helps prevent all of this from happening.

Using Star Floor Kits on patios & more!

Our Star Floor Kit fully works with almost any dry floor surface as well! You are guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood when your neighbors look over at you and see your yard lit up like the night sky. Add shimmering lights into your garden and amaze your guests with a backyard paradise. Through the endless potential of customization that fiber optics offer, you can tailor your yard into anything you can imagine.


Pool Stars Star Floor