2004-TW Illuminator 250W Quartz Halogen with Twinkle Wheel

A multi-color 4-position color wheel, quartz halogen fiber optic illuminator for underwater lighting and fiber optic water features.

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250 watt quartz halogen illuminator with white light and twinkle wheel. Optional custom color chips on twinkle wheel available.

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2004-TW Illuminator

2004-TW Illuminator Construction
Case: High impact polycarbonate
Ventilation: 110 cu ft/min air volume
Acoustic rating: 50dB(A)
Weight: 13 lbs.

2004-TW Illuminator Electrical
Voltage required: 120VAC 60Hz
Power consumption: 250 watts max
Current usage: 2.0 amps

2004-TW Illuminator Lamp
Type: Quartz halogen; proprietary design
Lamp life: 400-700hrs average

2004 Illuminator for Fiber Optic Lighting


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