2F Framing Projector

The Fiber Creations 2F framing projector is used to frame an object or picture with a beam of light.

The in-built shutters create a square or rectangular beam shape. By moving these, the size of the beam can be altered to perfectly frame the sides of a painting or an object.

The shutters can also be moved in such a way to create a wedge of light rather than a simple rectangle. This can be useful to allow for parallax correction when the fitting is mounted above the illuminated object and shining down at an angle.

The fitting is also focusable. By moving the lens tube backwards or forwards, the beam of light can be focused from hard to soft.

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Lens: Clear focusing lens
Focus range: 20° – 45°
Material: Aluminum
Colors: White as standard. Custom finishes available
Weight: 163g (0.36lb)
Mounting method: M6 screw fix through supplied bracket
Ferrule size: M10
Fiber sizes: 2mm (0.08″) to 8mm (0.32″) diameter