E3 Wet Area Fitting

A large submersible eyeball fitting which is manufactured from stainless steel and incorporates a clear focusing lens.
The E3 is suitable for installation in Certiken 2″ ABS pool pipe with an internal diameter of 53mm. Unlike the UFO E1 & E2 fittings, the E3 does not require a separate back box.

A water resistant bung is also available for fitting in the opposite end of the pool pipe to provide extra protection against water ingress.

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Lens: 26mm (1.02″) clear focusing lens
Focus range: 20° – 40°
Material: 316 stainless steel
Colors: Natural stainless steel
Weight: 569.3g (1.25lb)
Ferrule size: M10 or 8mm smooth
Fiber sizes: 2mm (0.08″) to 8mm (0.32″) diameter
Ordering codes: FCE3

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