FE-2211 Fiberescent Adjustable Aim

Accent Fixture
Interior Adjustable Aim Lensed

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Max. Overall Dimensions:
2” OD x 1.38” H ( 51mm OD x 35mm H )
Trim/Flange Dimensions:
2” OD x 0.83” H ( 51mm OD x 21mm H )
Aperture Dimensions: 0.75” OD (19mm OD)
Rough-in: 1.62” OD (41mm OD)
Recess: 3” OD (76mm OD)
Max FSPT Fibers: 75
Ferrules: A10516
Beam Spread: 15 to 25 degrees
Rotation: 360 degrees
Max Tilt Angle: 20 degrees
Finish Options: White, Gold, Chrome
Primary Material: Aluminum
Mounting: Metal Spring Clips Included


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