The Fiber Creation Light Bar system is a custom aluminum lighting fixture which uses either the FC34DA or FC34DB mini trumpet fitting.

The fittings and optionally small interspersed points of light can be placed at regular or irregular intervals to suit what is being illuminated.

The 34D fittings are articulated and can be individually pointed at objects within a cabinet

Light Bars are available in four profiles – 27mm (1.06″), 32mm (1.26″), 38mm (1.5″) and 44mm (1.73″) diameters. Typical spacings for the 34D fittings are between 50mm (2″) and 100mm (4″).

Light Bars can be supplied as a straight tube with the fiber tails emerging from one or both ends, or can be manufactured as part of a gantry system.

Our range of Light Bars are made to order, to the sizes you specify, and come as standard in either black or white or they can be powder coated to your specified RAL color.

The FC34D eyeball is always supplied in black, however the trumpets can be painted to a custom color to match the light bar.

Trumpets are available in 2 styles – A, shown below top, and B shown below, bottom. Trumpet A gives a narrow beam of light whilst trumpet B produces a wider beam.