Fiber optic light tubes provide a versatile method to give a general wash of light and can be either easily hidden from view or finished to become an integral part of a display case.

They consist of a metal tube which holds end emitting fibers at close spacings to give an even light. The points of light can be staggered if desired to cover a wider area.

Light Tubes are available in three profiles – 32mm (1.26″), 38mm (1.5″) and 52mm (2.05″) diameters – as shown below. Typical spacings for the fiber tails are between 20mm (0.79″) and 50mm (2″).

Our range of Light Tubes are made to order, to the sizes you specify, and are normally custom painted to match their surroundings. They can be also be supplied in raw aluminum or polished stainless steel.