FL5600 Illuminator – 120W LED Fiberoptic, Outdoor,  White,  Color – RGBW or RGBA

FL5600 illuminator

The FL5600 illuminator is the brightest outdoor rated LED fiber optic illuminator on the market and is the best option for outdoor and wet location installations.


  • UL Listed for Wet locations

  • Stand-alone operable

  • USB programmable

  • Manual, 0-10V and DMX controllable

  • Mixed Color or Single Bright White


  • OK to mount in any orientation

  • Best orientation is with exhaust vent facing up

  • Keep vents free from obstruction

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Product Datasheet

Input Voltage24V DC
Power Consumption120w Max
Operating Temp0ºC to 40ºC
Storage Temp-40ºC to 70ºC
IP Rating65
Weight9 lbs
Acoustic Noise33 dBa




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