LD8 LED Fitting

Supplied with a warm white or neutral white LED light and a CRI of >95 that ensures colors are shown in their true light, the LD5 is particularly useful for illuminating static objects within display cabinets and fixtures due to its adjustable nature.

Integral to the front of the fitting is a slim snoot that can tilt up to 35°, allowing you to focus a concentrated beam of light in almost any direction required, whilst reducing glare from the LED.

In addition to be being installed in ceilings, the aluminum fitting is also suitable for mounting in the base of display cabinets and projecting light upwards. It is supplied with a back nut to allow for secure installation in a recess.

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  • LED

Color temperatures & CRI

  • 3000K: warm white – 80 CRI (typical)
  • 4000K: neutral white – 75 CRI (typical)

Power consumption

  • 1.12W per fitting, not inc. driver


  • 2.9V (min.) – 3.0V (max.)

Typical luminous flux

  • 3000K: 82-104lm
  • 4000K: 89-112lm

350mA constant current driver options

  • No dimming
  • 1-10V dimming (giving)
  • Local potentiometer dimming
  • Remote potentiometer dimming


  • 15° / 51°

LED life

  • 40,000 hours

Material & finishes

  • External cube: hard anodised alumiunium with optional powdercoat
  • Interal body: 316 stainless steel
  • Decorative flange: brass


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