Light Tube Mounting Brackets – Flat

A number of different types of accessory brackets are available for Light Tubes.

The Round Brackets are for vertical or horizontal mounting of tubes/bars. The bar is locked with a grub screw. They are also available round with either one straight side or two straight sides to allow mounting as close as possible to a flat surface or in a corner.


Aa well as the brackets detailed below, we can incorporate light bars into gantry systems, allowing them to be stood off from the mounting surface.

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Bar sizePart no.Dim WDim XDim YDim Z
27mm (1.06")ABR27F41.5mm (1.63")50mm (2")20mm (0.79") 41.5mm (1.63")
32mm (1.26")ABR32F46.5mm (1.83")55mm (2.16")20mm (0.79") 46.5mm (1.83")
38mm (1.5")ABR38F53mm (2.09")62mm (2.44")20mm (0.79") 53mm (2.09")
44mm (1.73")ABR44F58.5mm (2.3")67mm (2.64")20mm (0.79") 58.5mm (2.3")

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