Light Wands

Light Wands are a smaller version of the Light Tubes, which use polymer fiber at close spacings to give a very even wash of light, and are ideally suited to small display cases or to light pictures or information boards.

As standard, Light Wands are supplied in either a black or silver anodized finish but they can also be painted to a custom color of your specification.

Two sizes of light wand are available – 20mm (0.79″) and 14mm (0.55″) diameters.

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Fiber choice for Light Wands is 0.75mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm and this is determined by the throw of light needed and how closely together the scallops of light need to merge.

As with the Light Bars & Light Tubes, Wands can be supplied straight, with fiber exiting from one or both ends, or as part of a gantry system. light wand sizes

When specifying light wands, consider the following:

  • The dimensions of the area to be lit
  • The space required to feed through the diameter of the wand at its widest point (usually the endcap)
  • How the tails can run back to the illuminator
  • The intensity of the light required