LP1 LED Paver

Available in 316 stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum, the LP1 paver is designed to be used in outdoor applications.

Its robust and durable stature means that it is well placed for installation in wet areas and where human and vehicular traffic is commonplace such as car parks, driveways and pool areas.

The large fitting comprises of a bezel measuring 50mm (2″) in diameter and a recess depth of 39mm. It can be specified with a warm white or neutral white LED light and a narrow or wide optic allowing for a choice of light spread. Multiple dimming options are also supported with a UFO approved dimmer switch giving you greater control over your lighting.

Internally, the LP1 contains a lens that allows you to focus the light where it is needed most, and a recessed dark cone that reduces glare for applications where walkover is expected.

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  • LED

Color temperatures & CRI

  • 3000K: warm white – 80 CRI (typical)
  • 4000K: neutral white – 75 CRI (typical)

Power consumption

  • 1.12W per fitting, not inc. driver


  • 2.9V (min.) – 3.0V (max.)

Typical luminous flux

  • 3000K: 93lm
  • 4000K: 100lm

350mA constant current driver options

  • No dimming
  • 1-10V dimming (giving)
  • Local potentiometer dimming
  • Remote potentiometer dimming


  • 15° / 51°

LED life

  • 40,000 hours

Material & finishes

  • Aluminium: hard anodized
  • 316 stainless steel: natural


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