LP2 LED Paver

The LP2, which is identical in size and shape to its counterpart the LP1, can be supplied in 316 stainless steel or anodized aluminum.

Designed to be installed in outdoor applications, the large paver can be used to illuminate walkways, fountains and architectural details including columns and residential decking, amongst other things.

The internal lens, which appears in other pavers in this range, has been replaced with a frosted glass cover to provide a soft wash of light across the area or object being illuminated. The fitting comes with a warm white or neutral white LED light and optional dimming functionality, for added control over your lighting.

It is available in a small selection of finishes and colors to suit varying décor requirements.

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  • LED

Color temperatures & CRI

  • 3000K: warm white – 80 CRI (typical)
  • 4000K: neutral white – 75 CRI (typical)

Power consumption

  • 1.12W per fitting, not inc. driver


  • 2.9V (min.), 3.0V (max.)

Typical luminous flux

  • 3000K: 93lm
  • 4000K: 100lm

350mA constant current driver options

  • No dimming
  • 1-10V dimming (giving)
  • Local potentiometer dimming
  • Remote potentiometer dimming

LED life

  • 40,000 hours

Material & finishes

  • Aluminium: hard anodised
  • 316 stainless steel: natural


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