LP5 LED Paver

At just 34mm (1.34″) in diameter and 27mm (1.06″) in length, the LP5 packs a punch as the smallest of all of our pavers. Its compact stature means that the fitting can be installed in the shallowest of recesses or when space is at a premium.

The LP5 is available with a choice of color temperatures and narrow or wide optics that allow you to direct the light where it is needed most. Dimming functionality is also supported using a UFO approved dimmer switch to suit all manner of lighting requirements.

Available in aluminum or 316 stainless steel for added durability, the paver can be finished in a range of coatings and colors to blend in with its surrounding indoor or outdoor environment.

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  • LED

Color temperatures & CRI

  • 3000K: warm white – 80 CRI (typical)
  • 4000K: neutral white – 75 CRI (typical)

Power consumption

  • 1.12W per fitting, not inc. driver


  • 2.9V (min.), 3.0V (max.)

Typical luminous flux

  • 3000K: 93lm
  • 4000K: 100lm

350mA constant current driver options

  • No dimming
  • 1-10V dimming (giving)
  • Local potentiometer dimming
  • Remote potentiometer dimming

LED life

  • 40,000 hours


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