LP6 LED Paver

With an extended barrel measuring 47mm (1.85″) in length, the LP6 is the ideal fitting for applications where a deep recess exists.

Manufactured from either aluminum, in a variety of finishes, or 316 stainless steel for added durability, the paver is well suited for indoor or outdoor environments where passing footfall is likely.

It comes with an internal lens for reduced glare, and can be specified with a warm white or neutral white LED light and a choice of optics for a greater spread of light. Dimming functionality is also supported with a UFO approved dimmer module for added control over your luminaire.

The fitting can be finished in a range of coatings and colors to blend in with its indoor or outdoor environment.

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  • LED

Color temperatures & CRI

  • 3000K: warm white – 80 CRI (typical)
  • 4000K: neutral white – 75 CRI (typical)

Power consumption

  • 1.12W per fitting, not inc. driver


  • 2.9V (min.), 3.0V (max.)

Typical luminous flux

  • 3000K: 93lm
  • 4000K: 100lm

350mA constant current driver options

  • No dimming
  • 1-10V dimming (giving)
  • Local potentiometer dimming
  • Remote potentiometer dimming


  • 15° / 51°

LED life

  • 40,000 hours

Material & finishes

  • Aluminium: Hard Anodised
  • 316 stainless steel: natural


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