Accent Lighting with Color Touch Technology, warm white and cool white for both in and out of water applications. The innovative PAL Mini provides a safe 12v low power LED light.

Compact – only 5/8″  (16mm) Diameter
Available in cool white, warm white and RGB versions. 

The PAL Mini can provide a unique level of lighting on steps, ledges, beach entries, swim outs and water features that only this 5/8″ (16mm) diameter light can provide.

The PAL Mini can also be used to harmonize all your outdoor living space lighting including pool surrounds, decks, gardens, water features and walls while only using 1 watt of power on each light.

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PAL Mini White LED Light

DescriptionPAL CodeHorizon Code
Cool white LED light & 10 feet (3m) lead41-PCL20W0356-330-5000
Cool white LED light & 33 feet (10m) lead41-PCL20W1056-330-5002
Cool white LED light & 66 feet (20m) lead41-PCL20W2056-330-5004
Warm white LED light & 10 feet (3m) lead41-PCL20WW0356-330-5006


PAL Mini RGB LED Light

Description PAL Code Horizon Code
RGB LED light & 10 feet (3m) lead41-PCL20M0356-330-5010
RGB LED light & 33 feet (10m) lead41-PCL20M1056-330-5012
RGB LED light & 66 feet (20m) lead41-PCL20M2056-330-5014