PT-6000 Power Tower

The new PT-6000 POWER TOWER has been designed specifically for the seamless conversion of an existing fiber optic pool lighting system to a LED pool lighting system. The Power Tower is a remote control power center for the PAL Treo family of lighting products.

It is powered by 120VAC and converts to 12V through two separate 30 watt transformers circuits. Each transformer can control up to FIVE Fiberstars LED products. As an example FIVE PAL Treo’s can be operated on Circuit Number One and up to FIVE Lightstreams Laminar’s could be operated on Circuit Number Two. Circuit Number One and Circuit Number Two can be synchronized with the push of a button on the remote control unit. You can use an existing Fiberstars fiber optic illuminator base for installation.

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PT-6000 Power Tower

Control up to 5 New PAL Treo’s on one circuit.
Power Tower has two circuits total, for up to TEN Fiberstars LED products.