A star floor kit is an easy way of creating fiber optic points of light in floors, swim outs and steps for the gunite pool builder. Fiberstars has taken the custom job and created two unique and easily installed fiber optic star floor kit for the gunite pool. Fiber optic star floor kits work with any interior surface materials. They come with 65′ of fiber pre-attached and are available in 2 kits: 10 or 25 points of light. Each fixture has two strands of fiber. Now it is easy to add a twinkle to any gunite pool.

The Beauty of Fiber Optic Star Floor Kits

These unique features and fiber optic star floor kits will allow for the installation of fiber optic lights into the interior of a gunite pool. This star floor kit is NOT designed for use in fiberglass or vinyl pool applications. This product requires no maintenance. Over time, as the star floor kit fixture tips become rougher, the tips will glow even brighter. Multiple star floor kits can be used to create more elaborate effects.