Slimline Illuminator – Tungsten Quartz Halogen

Slimline Illuminator

A very compact tungsten halogen illuminator, the Slimline Illuminator is suitable for use with either glass or PMMA fiber.

Optionally available with a built in manual dimmer control, the Slimline Illuminator is the perfect illuminator for use in display cases, models and cabinets.

The Slimline Illuminator features low noise and heat output and is available with a choice of five lamp sizes –  50W, 75W or 100W.
All models of the Slimline are powered by a single electrical feed.

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Slimline Illuminator

Port Connector: 30mm (1.2″) diameter
Fiber Type: Glass / PMMA
Supply Voltage: 110V AC 60Hz
Lamp Power:35W / 42W / 50W / 75W / 100W
Lamp Type: MR16
Input Power (@ 240V AC): 35W: 33.6VA / 42W: 40.8VA / 50W: 69.6VA / 75W: 91.2VA / 100W: 127.2VA
Start Up Current (@ 240V AC): 35W: 0.149A / 42W: 0.172A / 50W: 0.31A / 75W: 0.49A / 100W: 0.73A
Running Current: 35W: 0.14A / 42W: 0.17A / 50W: 0.29A / 75W: 0.38A / 100W: 0.53A
Color Temperature: 35W: 2950K / 42W: 2900K / 50W: 3000K / 75W: 3000K / 100W: 3000K
Enclosure material / color: Mild steel, powdercoated black
Dimensions: (L)262mm (10.3″) x (W)140mm (5.5″) x (H)75mm (2.95″)
Weight: 1.4kg (3.1lb)

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