The new Treo Light is a retrofitable Even Glow 12VAC, 5 Watt LED underwater light that features a soft, evenly distributed light. This design provides outstanding illumination qualities, eliminating the end shadow effect common with other pool lights. The Treo Light is available with a 50,000 hour color change LED array that has six static colors and two color change modes, or a 50,000 hour White Light only model. The RGB model will color synchronize with the Light Streams Water Features making it a great value in the growing family of 12VAC products by S.R. Smith. This family of high performance, low power consumption lighting products can be wirelessly controlled by the S.R. Smith 12V Power Centers that include the PT-6000, WIRTRAN, WPC1-XXXX-T, WPC2-XXXX-T and now the new iStar control system.

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