Star Effect Ceilings

Create a starry night sky in a bedroom, bathroom or any room in the house by installing one of our fiber optic star ceiling kits.

Now it's easy to have a magical star ceiling in your own home, with our high quality UK-made fiber optic star kit. Unlike most companies offering star ceiling kits, we actually make our own fiber and components in-house here in the UK, and our products are certified to exacting British safety standards. So you can be sure you're getting the best!

Since we design and manufacture our own fiber optic products, our star ceilings are higher quality than those offered elsewhere. As well as high quality British-made components, they come with mixed diameter fibers for a 3D 'near and far' effect, and also have small polycarbonate fittings to give you a neat finish in the ceiling or wall where you're installing the star lights.

Our fittings allow the fiber to pass all the way through to the other side of the material, exposing the fiber end and covering up any ragged edges from drilling. This allows more light through, giving you a more intense star effect. The bare fibers can also be used on their own if you prefer.

  • Choice – A range of fiber lengths and illuminators, including full remote control color change
  • Function – Mixed diameter fiber creates the impression of shining stars close by and further away
  • Quality – Fully tested before dispatch
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Product No. of fiber tails Fiber tail lengths Illuminator options Ordering Codes
SS112 112 mixed diameter (0.75 & 1mm) From 1.25m (4.1′) to 2.0m (6.56′) MicroLED 100 SS112-ML100
MicroLED 1000 SS112-ML1000
MicroLED 4000 SS112-ML4000
SS112+1 112 mixed diameter (0.75 & 1mm) From 2.25m (7.38′) to 3.0m (9.84′) MicroLED 100 SS112+1-ML100
MicroLED 1000 SS112+1-ML1000
MicroLED 4000 SS112+1-ML4000
MS168 168 mixed diameter (0.75 & 1mm) From 2.0m (6.56′) to 3.0m (9.84′) MicroLED 100 MS168-ML100
MicroLED 1000 MS168-ML1000
MicroLED 4000 MS168-ML4000
LS224 224 mixed diameter (0.75 & 1mm) From 1.0m (3.28′) to 4.5m (14.76′) MicroLED 100 LS224-ML100
MicroLED 1000 LS224-ML1000
MicroLED 4000 LS224-ML4000
XLS336 336 mixed diameter (0.75 & 1mm) From 2.0m (6.56′) to 7.5m (24.6′) MicroLED 100 XLS336-ML100
MicroLED 1000 XLS336-ML1000
MicroLED 4000 XLS336-ML4000

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SS112-ML100, SS112-ML10000, SS112-ML40000, SS112+1-ML1000, SS112+1-ML10000, SS112+1-ML40000, MS168-ML1000, MS168-ML10000, MS168-ML40000, LS224-ML1000, LS224-ML10000, LS224-ML40000, XLS336-ML1000, XLS336-ML10000, XLS336-ML4000