Stariflex PMMA Fiber – Sensory Fiber Optic Cable

Stariflex PMMA Fiber has a decorative effect for indoor use with the added safety of a PMMA fiber core. Has a wide outer diameter of 7mm and is constructed from 12 tails of 1mm fiber.

Fiber Creations offers a wide range of certified safe Stariflex PMMA fiber optic cable which can be supplied in either a clear or a multi-colored UV reactive sheathing.

The PVC in these harnesses is phthalate free and the harnesses themselves have CPSIA and EN71 toy certifications so you can be sure you are purchasing a safe, high quality, UK made product.

All fiber optic fiber harnesses are fitted with a standard 30mm common end for connection to a fiber optic light source.

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ITEMStariflex PMMA Fiber
Outer diameter7mm stariflex-cad
Core12 x 1mm chipped fibers
Core materialPolymethyl methacrylate resin
Cladding MaterialFluorinated PMMA
Outer sheathingPhthalate free PVC clear or UV reactive coloured
Max. tails per harness40
Max. run length8m depending on light source output
CertificationsThese products have EN71 and CPSIA toy certifications


Product Codes

8 tails at 1mSTF-8-1-CLSTF-8-1-UV
8 tails at 2mSTF-8-2-CLSTF-8-2-UV
12 tails at 1mSTF-12-1-CLSTF-12-1-UV
12 tails at 2mSTF-12-2-CLSTF-12-2-UV
15 tails at 1mSTF-15-1-CLSTF-15-1-UV
15 tails at 2mSTF-15-2-CLSTF-15-2-UV
20 tails at 1mSTF-20-1-CLSTF-20-1-UV
20 tails at 2mSTF-20-2-CLSTF-20-2-UV

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Product Codes (see chart)

STF-8-1-CL, STF-8-1-UV, STF-8-2-CL, STF-8-2-UV, STF-12-1-CL, STF-12-1-UV, STF-12-2-CL, STF-12-2-UV, STF-15-1-CL, STF-15-1-UV, STF-15-2-CL, STF-15-2-UV, STF-20-1-CL, STF-20-1-UV, STF-20-2-CL, STF-20-2-UV