UFO Rod & Clamp System

The Rod and Clamp assembly allows fibers and lenses to be surface mounted to a shelf or to the sides or bottom of a cabinet.

Rods are made to the customers specified length and come as standard in black although they and the clamps can be custom painted to any standard RAL color as required.

The rods are typically mounted using a foot on the top or underside of the mounting surface.

A number of lenses can be supported by one rod, depending on the length of rod used. The fiber tails run separately to each lens.

Lenses normally used with the rod and clamp are the FC25D and the FC26D, however, being special assemblies made to order, the rod and clamp system can be adapted to the required application

Rod length and number of fittings can be supplied to specification. One fiber optic tail is required per fitting.

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Trumpet: UFO 25D or UFO 26D trumpet. Custom options also available
Focus range: UFO 25D – 40° – 60° / UFO 26D – 25° – 45°
Material: Aluminum or stainless steel option available
Colors: To customer specification
Weight: Varies depending on rod length and number of fittings
Mounting method: Mounting foot supplied
Ferrule size: M10
Fiber sizes: 2mm (0.08″) to 8mm (0.32″) diameter