NEW WPC2! For 2 speed pumps – Two Time Clocks (Hi/Lo) for pump control *30A max, 100A sub-panel with two 12V, 30W transformers and remote control included. Button 1 controls one 12V, 30W lighting ckt, Button 2 controls second 12V, 30W, lighting ckt.

WPC2 byFiberstars features all the benefits of a small and simple, 12VAC or 120VAC power center. Operated by the handheld wireless remote control, it’s a low cost solution for any 12VAC or 120VAC remote control system. Fiberstars PALSeries color LED lights or Light StreamsTM lighted water features 12V versions only up to 30 Watts max. Time Clock for single speed pump control and dual time clocks for 2 speed version. 100 amp subpanel included.

WPC2 Features

  • 3 position On, Off, Auto, 24 hour time Clock
  • Time clock rated for 30A maximum.
  • 10’ cord on moveable antenna. (extension antenna available)
  • Manual override switches on each circuit.
  • 2 wireless circuits.
  • 75’ wireless operating range
  • GFCI knockout. One inside & one outside
  • Includes integrated dust covers for each time clock.
  • Knock out for additional Time Clock
  • 100 amp sub-panel with circuit breaker knockouts.