Star Kits for Pools, Walls and Ceilings

Fiber Creations Star Floors are world-famous. Our Application can be found from Cave Creek Arizona to Paris, France. Fiber Creations Stars are also cruising the High Seas on many Commercial Cruise liners. Fiber Optic Lighting is a Low-Heat, Low Voltage, and the Fibers will last a lifetime. 


Our Lighting Experts can help walk you through Planning your project, Ordering the appropriate kit as well as Supplying Installation Advice. Most of our lighting projects are custom quoted. Please give us a call at (888) 273-7552 or fill out our Project Restoration Form and let our Lighting Experts help you with your project.

What are Star Kits?

Fiber Optic cables are placed in a random design within your floor, patio, paver, or even concrete. An Illuminator carries light from the box through the cables and up to the pinpoint of the fiber cable to a “Star” that actually twinkles. The Illuminator can carry any color light through the cable and by adding a DMX option you can make the lights react to your music!

The tiny Fiber Optic points emit low light levels sufficient for a night light in Clubs, Restaurants, Hospital MRI Rooms, Children’s Rooms, Home Theaters, and Casinos. One of our most popular ways of using Fiber optic stars is the bottom of pools or spas using our Pool Stars® kits.  We can even make them into patterns such as specific night skies by date, Cosmic Astrology Signs, or any constellation you want.

Lighting can be incorporated into your living space to make space have a soul. Our Light Experts can make any surface out of this world.