Although we commonly sell our star floor kits for adding customization to your pool, did you know…

Star Floor Kits Can Be Used On a Patio

Fiber optics supplied by Fiber Creations and installed by Fleshman Construction, Inc.

Our Star Floor Kit fully works with almost any dry floor surface as well! You are guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood when your neighbors look over at you and see your yard lit up like the night sky. Add shimmering lights into your garden and amaze your guests with a backyard paradise. Through the endless potential of customization that fiber optics offer, you can tailor your yard into anything you can imagine.

These “stars” are actually small fiber optic cables, sometimes bundled together, and offer opportunities to add some shine to your patio, entryway, pool, or even indoors. Since the cabling does not conduct electricity, and instead just passes light through, it creates zero heat which allows for you to create accents in practically any space!

The options you have with fiber optics are almost limitless. You can:

  • Add alternating points of light comparable to a starry night sky
  • Create precise patterns and designs that really pop and twinkle 
  • Add accents to existing designs, such as mosaic tiling
  • Combine a star floor kit with other lighting to create dynamic spaces
  • Add highlights to your landscape 
  • Add anything else that you can imagine
Fiber optics supplied by Fiber Creations and installed by Fleshman Construction, Inc.

New and unique color-changing lighting systems use fiber optic cables to conduct light produced and controlled remotely. Countless patterns, colors, and effects, including twinkling, can easily be created with this versatile technology as the cable ends lie flush with the surface in which they are embedded and the lighting is programmed through an accessible controller.

These fibers are threaded through the floor and end at a light source called an illuminator. These illuminators are what project light through the fiber optic cable, and can not only be stored just about anywhere, but also controlled from anywhere using a specialized remote. Consider using your illuminator to create specific patterns of light, or mesh them together when purposed with a specific design, such as a sports team logo.

Please note that to add fiber optics to your floor, you must already be renovating the space or be planning on construction, as it will not be available to install on a finished floor. While the process is possible through DIY projects, we always advise you to hire a contractor for proper installation. To see some of our Star Floor Kit installs in action, check out: Pool Stars By Fiber Creations

Add a special touch of class to your floor with a fiber optic star floor kit. These exquisite lights are cost-effective, versatile and perfect for almost any project. Add one of these elegant features to your home today!